5 Points Neighborhood Association is an organization whose goal is to protect the beauty, safety and stability of our neighborhood. We strive for friendly streets where pedestrians, pets, and bicyclists can safely co-exist with vehicles. Five Points Neighborhood Association wants to make Asheville a better place to live by starting at home, in our own urban traditional neighborhood, so close to downtown that we can hear a concert in the street.

What’s the best thing about living in Five Points?  Here’s what some of our neighbors have to say:

"Quality of life issues like walkability, proximity to schools, shopping, downtown, UNCA, the botanical gardens, Reed Creek trail and the green space going from WT Weaver extending to Chestnut, makes for a very family friendly area to live."
"A real community with real neighbors that take pride in our community."
"I love how the neighborhood is densely built with houses presenting porches to the street which encourages neighbor interaction and contributes to a real sense of community where we actually know and speak to our neighbors on a daily basis."
"Walkability, convenience, sense of community. I love that we have so many people in our neighborhood willing to participate in community affairs and public policy -- that's really special."
"I love walking the greenway and up thru the botanical gardens and UNCA."
“I also love my neighbors and love seeing people bumping into one another and the impromptu chatting that occurs.”
“The warmth and diversity of the people and homes, the location in town and the living history create a perfect vibration.”
“It’s one of the only neighborhoods in Asheville that you can truly live without a car. Everyone is friendly and there’s a great sense of community.”
“It’s a friendly, open neighborhood with lots of walkers since it’s a short walk to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, UNCAsheville campus and the Botanical Gardens. A great walking/biking greenway that follows a gently flowing stream takes you to the UNCA campus.”